when she became a mother

She stood there speechless.She did not care she was losing out on time. Even so, when for her, those 40 seconds are her crucial moments- moment to earn her bread of the day. Yet, she remained oblivious of the cars honking.Ignoring the fact that she has to go to the next car,knock the next window shield, beg for the nth time for few coins before the RED becomes  GREEN, she stood there looking at me with utmost gratuity.Her lips slightly curved upwards, telling a mixed tale of happiness and sadness at the same time.Happy because what she is feeling right now, she is feeling for the first time and sad because she knows the feeling is ephemeral. Holding her “6 months old payal” on her waist, she refused to budge from where she stood. She wanted to soak herself wet in the warmth that she was receiving, probably for the first time.She wanted to inject all the love, kindness onto her sinew, veins, and heart. Wish, she could frame the moment, freeze it till she died. The glint in her eyes was enough to tell that she was grateful. Grateful to the young girl from the other side of the windowshield, who reached out to her baby, touched her baby’s naked,tear-dried cheeks,held her little fingers and played with her curls. She was grateful to her for giving her this moment, that may not earn her the bread but the dignity-the dignity of a being a mother to a beautiful child.That day, a mother experienced the joy of being told how wonderful and lovely her child was.That day, somebody was interested to know her baby’s name and how old she was. That day somebody did not hurl a few coins to her just for the sake of good riddance but talked to her. She did not care about the world. She did not care about the lost opportunity of earning a few more coins from a few more cars in the next 15 seconds. The indifferent faces, the hurriedly closed windowshields, the “saab’s” stare on her semi-clad body, nothing bothered her. She just stood there still, sinking in the love,the joy, the kindness showered on her baby. Because she was her baby’s mother and the baby was hers.


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