Call me Chinky, call me fat-lipped, call me elephant- eared.

Call me too fat, call me too thin, call me black, white, yellow, purple.

Throw at me all the racial ‘slurs’ that your tongue is capable of. Frankly speaking, I should not give two hoots about it because my looks are not my doing. But then I have been conditioned to feel grateful for any compliment received. Even if it may not be for something that I have not contributed to.

So when you slap those remarks at me, I accept them graciously, paint them on my face, bow down my head and say Thank You. Thank you for telling me I look like my parents, my community and my people. Thank you for reaffirming my pride in the way I look. Thank you for reminding me that my ethnicity runs in my genes. And thanks to you, i do wear it on my sleeve. Because for me my features, my colour are the inheritance from my ancestors. And nothing could be a bigger compliment to me than you telling me I belong to my people; my beautiful race that I am so proud of.

Eh! Did you mean to offend me by telling me where I come from?

Just so you know I am extremely proud of my background, thank you very much. So you can put your make believe ‘superiority assertion’ to rest now.


I pity you for constantly insulting yourself when you thought you abused me by calling me names. I pity you for offending your upbringing that never allowed you to comprehend that my eyes, my lips and my hips do not define me (though i wish they did because i am so proud of them), the upbringing that blinded you to not see my beautiful soul but my exterior. While I humbly bow my head and say thank you for showering me with compliments (in disguise) day in and day out and wish hard that I had something to do with it, I can’t help but feel sorry for your tiny little head that is empty, the eyes that are blind, and a heart that is ugly (now THAT IS what is called ugly).

You are missing out on so much my friend. So much.