That smile!

rekha didi

|| I am not going to tell you her story. She and I have a deal. Whatever happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen.

But her story is the many stories I have known, heard and seen. That have helped me to dare take a step forward after being pulled back thousand steps behind, to build my castle each time the waves wash it away, to sit on cloud 9 everyday, to see the silver lining in every cloud, to wake up every morning with the same gusto after a hundred “ give ups” on my routine, to dream, to fight, to dream again and mostly to be happy. They taught me to find happiness where it belonged: my heart.

Because that smile you see in the picture is despite a hundred dreams shattered and the beginning of twenty others. I am lucky to see that smile every single day in my life but if you look around, they are everywhere. Maybe there, under that bridge that you just crossed. ||

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