My piece of whatever


You have bad memories with that place? Does that place brings a bitter taste in your tongue and nudge a part of your memory that you had kept carefully locked? Do you always ask the rickshaw to take you the longer route because the shorter one gives you a glimpse of that God damn place? Do you hate that song now which was once upon a time ‘your’ song? Have you stopped listening to it ever since that night? Does that song remind you of the butterflies that are long dead in your stomach, the last fluttering of their wings, the parasites feeding on their bodies? Are you tired of escaping?

I urge you to do something today, the first thing in the morning. Take a good long shower.  Wear your favourite lingerie. Get dressed up or dress down. However you always preferred. And then when you get in the rickshaw, ask him to take you the shorter route. Get down at that place. Invite all your friends or be alone. However you want to. And spend the best of your time there. Maybe order the dish of the day. Maybe carry your favourite novel and read there. Wink at a stranger. Smile. Do whatever it takes to make your heart smile. And while you do that, play that song on your headphone. It’s been a while you listened to it. Now that’s a lovely song, isn’t it?

What i am trying to tell you is that, honey, it’s time you stopped running and started building – new memories and your life. Go back to that place again and again till you create a memory that you never have to lock.

So that next time bad memories pass you by, all you are reminded of is the best memory you had.